Fire Extinguisher Service


At Denon Fire Protection we perform service and inspections of all types of fire extinguishers

 dry chemical, wet chemical and co2 units,  though there are many different types and manufacturers be it for your office, shop, restaurant or home you can be assured that we will provide the best service and protection needs for your business.


The alberta fire code and NFPA 10 requiers that all fire extinguishers be service and inspected

every 12 months, this service is performed to verify that the extinguisher,

when needed, will funtion properly for your protection.


 As a business our self we know the value of your time running you day to day transactions is very inmportant to you and some times keeping your fire extinguishers up to date can often be  forgotten.


Here at Denon Fire Protection we keep your records up to date

and make sure to call or visit you yearly to keep everything up to date for you with no worries!


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Fire Extinguisher Annual Maintenance


Fire Extinguisher maintenance includes a thorough examination of all the mechanical parts and extinguishing agent of each of your extinguishers,


with repairs or recharging as needed to ensure the proper operation when needed.tamper seals are replaced and new certification tag and date affixed


In addition to fire extinguisher annual maintenance the following also applies

Six-year maintenance


Extinguishers that require a 12-year hydrostatic test must be emptied

and have maintenance performed every six years to ensure proper operation.


this is done by discharging the agent into a closed recovery system, the extinghuisher

is dismantled and seals and orings are replaced, extinguisher cylinder


is examined, agent is replaced and as a non removable verification collar

is used around cylinder neck before putting extinguisher back together to verify


the extinguisher has been dismantled properly, then extiguisher is re pressuerized to is working presure,

 a non removable sticker is also placed on the back


of the fire extinguisher with the date and year the 6 year maintenaces was performed.

 Tamper seals are put in place to hold safety pin in place and then a


Certification tag is affixed to extinguisher with date of work done and date of service


(Note: a six year maintenance does not mean the extinguisher is serviced every six years, Fire codes requier All portable fire extinguishers are to be serviced no more than 12 months appart)

Hydrostatic testing


This activity includes both an internal and external examination of the cylinder using

special equipment to test and verify pressures for proper use.


 This type of test uses the same steps as in a six year maintenance, but requiers a pressure test of the cylinder, a hydro test is performed to verify the integrity of the cylinder.  The cylinder is cleaned out and filled with water and  attached to a hydrostatic testing pump or machine, then presurized to it test pressure.


The test pressure is normally 3 time the working pressure of the stored unit, once the test is done

and the extinguisher and the extinguisher has passed, it is fully dried out, recharged.


  Again using a verification collar and a hydrotest non removable sticker with date test was done. this test allows the extinguisher to be put back into service for another 12 years.


Other cylinders such as c02 units, water type or K-class extinguishers are requierd to have a hydrostatic test done every Five years thus these units do not requier six year mainteance